Divine Collection Stay Dry Schwitz-Schutz Spray

Divine Collection Stay Dry Schwitz-Schutz Spray


  • Maintains the feeling of freshness
  • Minimizes perspiration behind breast pads or under make-up
  • Perfume free
  • 4 fl oz. / 120 ml
  • Made in the USA
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Say goodbye to smooth breast pads that slide around in your bra! Our Divine Collection Stay Dry is a sweat protection spray that was developed to keep your skin dry when wearing breast pads. Our clear, fragrance-free formula helps minimize sweating behind breast pads and under the glue to keep your pads in place no matter how long you wear them.

Stay Dry is ideal to help you go nude with any breast pad. Since the formula becomes gently sticky when it dries, this helps to create additional hold with your glue. You can even wear Stay Dry under wigs or makeup to slow down sweating. It is the perfect all-purpose product so you always feel fresh!

Warehouse sale 50% off only at The Breast Form Store

Unser Stay Dry lässt sich mit dem eingebauten Sprühkopf problemlos anwenden! Sprühen Sie einfach den Bereich, den Sie trocken halten möchten, und lassen Sie die Feuchtigkeit trocknen. benutzen Sie dann wie gewohnt Klebstoffe, Brustformen, Make-up oder Perücken.


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