Gold Seal NAKED Body Suit


  • The very first breast forms that can be worn with a push-up bra
  • The most jiggle and bounce imaginable
  • Natural appearance or tons of cleavage
  • High neckline to hide an Adam’s apple
  • Built in female vagina and labia create the appearance of female anatomy
  • Easy to wear with your favorite thigh highs to help hide seams
  • Soft, stretchy silicone skin molds to your body
  • Features a built-in condom catheter canal so you can relieve yourself like a lady (see below for more information)
  • Textured 17.8 cm (7 in) vaginal canal allows your partner to experience stronger sensations
  • Available in two skin tones!
  • Made in China
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    • Can be worn with push-up bras
    • The most jiggle and bounce imaginable
    • No revealing lines at the edge of your bra cup
    • Great for showing cleavage
    • Built-in erect nipples & areola

    Transform yourself in moments with our Gold Seal Naked bodysuit

    You can create the look of lifelike, natural breasts and vagina with no obvious seams from your chin to your upper thighs with our beautiful Gold Seal Naked bodysuit. The bouncy breast forms let you experience lots of movement, and have a naturally hanging shape when worn with a soft cup bra. Or wear with a push-up bra for extreme cleavage! The feminizing body suit also makes you look like a female ‘down there’, and is even penetrable so you can have intercourse like a lady!

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