DIVINE COLLECTION NIKKI selbsthaftende Hüft und Po Silikonpads

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  • Selbsthaftend mit natürlicherem Tragegefühl
  • Realistisches Hautgefühl
  • Schlafsicher
  • Die kurze Länge ist perfekt zum Tragen unter Röcken oder Minikleidern
  • Erweitert Deinen Hüftumpfang um bis zu 10 cm
  • Ein Spitzenprodukt aus kanadischer Handarbeit

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  1. Eloïse

    First thing I noticed when receiving the nikki pads : their softness. It literally feels like a tushy, it feels like real skin, very unlike silicone rubber pads that you could find on amazon or aliexpress, that feel skin-like but hard to the touch, these are really suitable to be butt pads. You will absolutely need to add adhesive and skin tack to make it hold though, because the autoadhesive side of the pad isn’t strong enough, it will fall right off if you don’t add glue, too heavy. Regarding the size of the pads, they are a bit long for me, and I’m six feet tall with a bit of skinny hips, which means the hip enhancement part doesn’t fall right on my hip if I put it straight forward from my tushy, it is a little bit more on the front. Nothing too serious though, as you can still add some cheap adhesive sponge pads (the tiny ones that you can find on amazon for like 8 bucks) under the nikki, if you’re not content with the enhancement on a certain area of the pad, you can absolutely build up volume, just make sure that the nikki is always on top. Now regarding the most interesting part of these pads : the edges. I’m sorry to say that (and this is why I’m only giving it 3 stars), but the edges do not blend into your skin completely, the transparent edge is not completely transparent all throughout the whole pad, and you can still see the edge under one layer of semi-opaque tights (which, it’s not too noticeable, but if you look right at it you can see it, but definitely not like other pads you will find online, way better.) The edge is a little too opaque to blend in, it gives it that white color that in fact makes it more noticeable than any other area of the pad. So I think you’d be better off putting foundation on it. So yeah, it absolutely doesn’t look like the pictures, you can still see the pad when it’s on you, bare naked, you would have to blend it in with some lingerie (fishnets are very good for that, make sure that the strings go over the edges, and it looks like you’re wearing nothing under the fishnets.) I would also like to mention the resistance and bendability of these pads : kinda stretchable (don’t try it, you have to be careful with silicone products, but it has a bit of a stretch which is good to apply it), and the no-membrane skin is very resistant. When applying them, I had nails on, and you’d think that with a product this soft, I’d have scratched it a few times. I did scratch them, but it didn’t leave any mark, the product was absolutely not damaged. So I do think that this product will last you a few years, and I do hope that the auto-adhesive side will wash well, because I do want to keep it sticky for a long time, this is the main reason I bought these pads, there are very few silicone pads out there that have thin edges, no-membrane, and are auto-adhesive (which is cool because you can literally forget about them when wearing them, unlike the non-attachable pads that need a few layers of tights and a few panties to hold onto your legs, which is absolutely not comfortable, and can cause irritations, a lot of sweating, so that by the end of the week you smell atrocious. These pads do not have these problems, nor any hygiene issues.) Would I be able to get away with these in bed ? as I said, with fishnets and a back opening gaff, maybe I could, but not bare-nakey (except if I was to apply a layer of silicone paste on the edges, and then blend it with some cap plastic into the skin, melting the cap plastic with a bit of acetone, as they do to blend thick-edged prosthetics in sfx makeup. Just type “how to blend thick prosthetic edges” and head-on to youtube to see how to do that.) Also, regarding how much they add to your buns and hips, it was able to give me a significant back curve, a butt that was just remarkable enough to look big but not fake, and hips that were at the same level as my shoulders, which balanced my V-shaped figure just enough to look like I have a hourglass figure.
    Now how to apply them correctly :
    first of all, you should definitely take your time to figure the right placement for the pads without glue on you, then mark the placement with a white pen on your skin (also, make sure to check how it looks under a tight dress or leggings while testing the placement.)
    Then take them off, andapply the hollister adhesive, or any silicone prosthetic adhesive really, on the back of the pads, wait 4 mins for it to almost get tacky while you’re applying skin tack on the area of appliance, waiting another minute for both the surface and the back of the pad to be tacky, then lay it right on, from your butt crack to the front. Do not care if the hip portion doesn’t match your hip, if you don’t like it, take the hip portion off, put some skin tack back on, wait 30 seconds, and put a little sponge pad on the area, in a horizontal way, then lay the nikki back on top. Press the edges, and lay flat for 30 mins, pressing every area of the pad simultaneously, while going to bed or doing something else on your phone. I’d say you should do one pad at a time, so it will take you a total of 1 hour-1 hour and 15 mins to apply both pads for a week or so. Also, when applying them, make sure to stretch the pad to the bottom, when its stuck on your skin, so that you get rid of any folding of the edges. One portion of the pad will always fold, so make sure that you move the folding up in your undergarments, so that nobody sees it. ALSO, the bottom portion of the pad, when laid horizontally, should be the portion with the longest transparent edge, this is the way it’s meant to be applied.
    Now, if you’re gonna layer the jolie thigh pads and the nikki hip pads, I’d say you should rather put the jolie thigh pads on top of the nikki rather than the opposite, because the nikki could create a little too much of a dramatic bump, rather than a round hip that curves right into the knees if you’re putting the thigh pads on top. To take care of the pads, just follow the instructions. Also, the nikki pads come with a starter kit that contains some stay dry spray, which allows you to not move the pads because of sweating, 10 skin tack wipes (which btw are reusable a few times if you conserve them in the package), and some adhesive remover for the auto-adhesive side, to clean it. They come in quite a fair amount.
    To wear them at the beach, I would probably wear skin-tone faux-nylon leggings over them with some crocs and a 1 piece bathsuit, or maybe a silicone girdle that covers the whole leg, and attach some bracelets over the edges, in order to look like I’m wearing nothing but a bathsuit, and I think I’m also gonna try to wear them with a layer of semi-opaque tights over them, that I would stick to my skin with some adhesive spray, and cut around the pads, then glue the edges down with gel and paint with powder makeup to try to blend them into my skin without fishnets or nylons, a bit like bald caps on top of your hair.

    So, why would I choose the nikki hip pads over any other silicone padding :
    -their softness, never seen a pad that was that soft, which is so suitable for butt padding.
    -and their thin edges, which are easy to conceal with very few garments, so you do not have to feel constricted in so much tights and panties that you can’t stand it.

    They also have the same advantages as other auto-adhesive silicone pads that I’ve seen (cheaper tho) on the internet :
    -their design, their auto-adhesive nature allows you not to wear any pantyhose, which gives you a butt and crotch opening, as well as letting skin breathe fresh air, which allows you to go to the toilets or even to take a shower with it (though the adhesive would have to be waterproof), and of course, to go to bed with someone, if dressed with the right lingerie to hide it
    -their resistance, even if not easy to apply, they will last for very long.

    Now, does their softness and their edges (even if not completely blendable in the skin) make them worth 400 bucks when you can find self-adhesive silicone pads for a hundred bucks, even if they’re stiff-hard and have thick edges that are hard to conceal ?
    No. I don’t think that a softer silicone and thinner edges are worth 300 bucks of difference with some other products on the internet, I think that the Nikki hip and bum pads are a little overpriced for what they are. Would I pay 400 bucks for two slices of sticky silicone again ? absolutely not. But since they are the only pads on the internet with so much of a realistic quality, I don’t really have a choice, for now.

    I hope my review was helpful to you, as this is the first review of the Nikki pads I’ve seen (kinda surprised nobody reviewed them yet, maybe cause of the price that is a little intimidating), but by all means try them out for yourself, with your own methods.

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    • thebfstorede

      Dear Eloïse, thank you for your rating. Very much appreciated. We agree, our Divine Collection product line is at the higher price end. For our Divine Collection we are aiming, and developed it over years, to have the most realistic skin touch and feel. We are using the best platinum silikon and the products are hand-crafted to have such soft edges. Adhering to the skin requires following the instructions — body lotions, shaving creams, moisturizers or other things can cause it to not stick very well. We agree, there is no other product out their that is so realistic. Soft feeling but still firm – extremely realistic. Thank you again for your feedback which will be passed on to our product development team.

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